Create the ultimate in-store experience

Consumers want to tangibly connect with the brands they love, all with the convenience of e-commerce selections. NOBAL’s iMirror is an interactive platform that creates unforgettable customer experiences and provides real-time insights and analytics.

Salesfloor solution:

  • Virtually try on garments and create your own avatar
  • Scan products using close range RFID or simple barcode scanner
  • Explore in-store and online inventory 
  • Explore brand’s social media feed and trending outfits
  • Take an in-store selfie and promote the experience online
  • Scan loyalty cards and complete transactions

Fitting room solution:

  • Instant request for store attendant assistance 
  • Explore suggested additional items and instantly add to cart 
  • Complete transactions from inside the fitting room
  • Explore in-store and online inventory
  • Explore brand’s social media feed and trending outfits 
  • Scan products using close range RFID or simple barcode scanner
  • Scan loyalty cards and complete transactions

Revolutionize your retail space with omni-channel acceleration

NOBAL’s iMirror retail solution is designed to empower retailers to fully embrace the benefits of omni-channel marketing through a platform that is restricted by none. NOBAL’s iMirror is the first agnostic customer centric platform of it’s kind and provides retailers with first hand actionable analytics.

Integrated with:

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iMirror graphic with a colorful start button displayed on the iMirror..

Enhance your in-store experience with our custom applications:

Amplify sales icon in aqua

Amplify sales

Boost revenue by incentivizing shoppers to fill their cart and reduce returns

Design virtual experiences hanger icon in aqua.

Design virtual experiences

Every iMirror experience is custom designed to each clients’ requirements

iRecommend puzzle icon in aqua.


Discover customer data and make real-time recommendations to improve your product offerings

Control inventory icon in aqua

Control inventory

Monitor your stock, replenish items, or ship orders straight to your shoppers’ door

Inspire your shoppers icon in aqua

Inspire your shoppers

Encourage shoppers to digitally access and purchase your merchandise on-line and in-store

Tap-to-pay icon in aqua

Tap-to-pay (coming soon)

Accept secure payment credit card processing with a simple tap on the glass