Intelligent mirrors

NOBAL’s intelligent mirror (iMirror), leverages advanced omnichannel technology to transform customer experiences in Retail and Hospitality. 

Our software is design to transform your current systems (POS, recommendation engine, loyalty apps etc.) into customer facing touchpoints placed within your store, hotel, casino or restaurant. 

Different by design

The iMirror is NOBAL’s flagship customer centric omnichannel platform that empowers leaders in retail and hospitality to individualize every single customer interaction. 

The software uses machine learning, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to deliver a macro level of individualized experiences. 

NOBAL’s iMirror is 100% agnostic in it’s software design, meaning each iMirror can transform any of your current systems into additional revenue generating customer touchpoints.

iMirrors can simply be displayed wall hung (using a standard VESA mount) or free standing in custom wrapping to further enhance brand presence.

Currently transforming experiences across North America, UAE, Europe and the United Kingdom, NOBAL is a global provider of advanced omnichannel technology.

iMirror Collection

NOBAL's iMirror Collection

iMirror Features

  • Available in four models
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Reflective surface
  • Loyalty card reader
  • Built in cameras, speakers, microphone, RFID and barcode readers

iMirror applications that will transform your customer experience

Man using the Virtual Try On iMirror app.

Virtual try on

Create a personalized avatar and
virtually try-on clothing and accessories.

Children interacting with the iMirror iKids coloring app.


Interactive colouring page on the
bottom display of the iMirror.

Example of iSelfie app in use on the iMirror.


To generate engagement and brand awareness, take a selfie in front of the iMirror and share via email or QR Code.

Example of iAssociate app in use on a mobile phone.


Notify an associate that a client requires assistance at the iMirror.
This app can be downloaded onto an iOS or Android device for notifications.

iMirror displayed / mounted on a department store wall for retail shopping.


Showcase your product catalogue and
“shop” on the iMirror.

iMirror displaying retail brand social feed.


Integration with social media feeds,
such as Instagram.

iMirror displaying iRecommend capability.


Visual search engine that provides consumers the ability to
‘Shop the look’ on the iMirror.

Man interacting with iMirror Hospitality directory.


Fully customized display that allows the consumer to
obtain information on a variety of activities / events such as shows, concerts and hours for dining.