New partnership empowers brands to serve over 37.5 million hearing impaired Americans.

CALGARY, Alberta, October 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – NOBAL Technologies Inc., a global technology leader in the retail and hospitality intelligent mirror space, celebrates their new partnership with Tive Technology, creators of the vital platform for the d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HoH) and the Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) communities across America.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) approximately 37.5 million Americans aged 12 years or older have hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing examinations. Globally, over 1.5 billion people live with hearing loss. This number is set to rise to 2.5 billion by 2030 (World Health Organization).

The impacts of hearing loss are broad and can be profound. They include a lack of communication with others, social isolation, loneliness, and frustration. Today, many parts of every-day services such as retail, hospitality and employment still lack sufficient accommodations and support for hearing impaired individuals. While many brands are stepping up and beginning to share social media content that includes captions, audio loops and transcription, the in-store environment remains unchallenged.

Many representatives for the hearing-impaired community call on service provider outlets to close these communication gaps prevalent within these environments.

Stepping up to serve America’s under-served community

In 2019, Los Angeles based technology firm Tive was founded to serve the d/Deaf, the Hard of Hearing (HoH) and their circle of family and friends, including the children of deaf adults (CODA). Today, Tive mobile app is a communication technology, a community and marketplace designed to meet the needs of a generation of digital natives who have smart devices in their hands.

Using Tive mobile app which is powered by a video relay interpreter (TiveVRI), a d/Deaf user can communicate with hearing individual through a certified ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter, making every-day communication, instant, accessible, and meaningful.

Leif Martinoff, founder, and CEO of Tive Technology said: “Our purpose in creating Tive is to provide these dynamic and diverse individuals with equal access to social, economic, community, religious and civic life. Our mission is to bridge the digital gap between the d/Deaf and hearing world.”

Currently, Tive is the only technology that is being given a platform to embrace inclusion and accessibility in retail and hospitality outlets.

Deaf woman wearing hearing aid and using smartphone

Collaborating to develop a diverse and inclusive future

In July 2022, Calgary based tech firm NOBAL Technologies and Tive, joined forces to challenge the current social inaccessibility that heavily impacts the lives of many Americans on a day-to-day basis. By March 2023, TiveVRI will be fully operational in stores on NOBAL’s interactive intelligent mirrors , ready to assist those in need. Eliminating the need for shoppers to bring their own video relay service (overcoming online platform connectivity issues) or shop with a family member or interpreter. With this level of technology, brands will be encouraged to further embrace and include the d/Deaf community, while fitting shoppers with a sense of independence and accessibility. Retailers who embrace this opportunity will be setting an example for the rest of the industry to follow suit.

This partnership is set to transform the global retail environment for brands while leveling up the expectations shoppers have of businesses in the 21st century. The first release of the ADA approved (American Disabilities Act) platform in retail stores, will take place in Q1 of 2023 with the intention of expanding into hospitality settings soon after. Retail industry leaders such as Puma NYC and Brands for Less UAE are already equipped with NOBAL’s intelligent iMirror interface and are said to be the first of many to implement rollout.

NOBAL Technologies is honored to begin this partnership with Tive and feel that this collaboration will inspire other businesses to further embrace and include the d/Deaf community, worldwide.

Bill Roberts, NOBAL Technologies’ CEO said: “It’s an exciting time for NOBAL Technologies as we, together with Tive embark on this quest of inclusivity, to bring today’s retail experiences into an era of increased access and empowerment.”

Equipping businesses with the opportunity to embrace this level of accessibility and inclusion is the first step in redefining the environments of retail and hospitality as we know it. For those eager to experience the future of life enhancing technology, Tive and NOBAL Technologies will be displaying their first look of the development at the 2022 M-Enabling Summit taking place in October 2022. For event information, see M-Enabling Summit.

About NOBAL Technologies

NOBAL Technologies is a Canadian-based firm and leading provider of personalized customer experiences for retail and hospitality, world-wide. Utilizing innovative technology, NOBAL’s intelligent technology elevates the customer experience by allowing shoppers and guests to search, select, and buy from a complete range of inventory and services —all from the touch of an iMirror. For more information, visit NOBAL.

About Tive Technology

Tive is a mobile app, purpose built for the d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing and CODA community including ASL interpreters. Tive’s mobile ASL interpretation provides freedom for communication anytime and anywhere. Tive’s media platform is designed specifically for and with the d/Deaf communities visual and social interests in mind. The content and resources Tive provide will positively transform the daily lives of this diverse community including their loved ones. For more information, visit Tive.


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